Important information related to Covid-19

Dear clients,

I hope you are safe and well.  Following guidelines and government advice I stopped seeing cases with owners present as from last week.   

To allow some continuity and try offer help I am available for advice over the phone and I have been offering telemedicine service as best as possible in some cases.  A diagnosis over the phone may not be possible but with a good history and decent image telephone advice may be of some help. There may also be questions about ongoing medication. 

To allow me to provide this service in the most efficient way please do one of the following:

  • Contact me by text for a call back.   This is the easiest and most reliable way for me to pick up the call.  The number to text is 07801 269 929
  •  Alternatively mail a request via the web site (mail this way can land in the junk box so texting is more reliable).   This may be preferable or suitable for more detailed questions or requests. 

I aim to contact you as soon as possible to make an assessment of the situation and to see what can be done to go forward.

As everything is in flux from day to day I will update on any changes.   

Thank you