We have a wide range of diagnostic and surgical equipment (operating microscopes, bio-microscopes, tonometers, ultrasound, phaco-emulsification machine). Some patients this year even benefited from “tonometry at home”, allowing a much more accurate monitoring of IOP. Operating microscopes help us to carry out more detailed work but they are often used for more “standard” extra-ocular procedures, giving a better surgical outcome.

Procedures carried out include:


Eyelid surgery (entropion, ectropion, eyelid masses, congenital defects)

Distichiasis (mostly cryo-surgery), Corneal surgery (ulcer debridement, keratectomy, conjunctival + corneal grafts), Parotid Duct Transpositio

Intra – ocular:

(Sub) luxated lens removal (phaco + standard intracapsular), cataract surgery (phaco + IOL implantation)

Gonioscopy (examination of the drainage angle)


ERG (electroretinography)